Blockchain Consortium Uses Hive Mind Concept In World-First Telco Fraud Use Case

Press Release: Tuesday, February 11 2020, 12:30 CAT | Source: Orillion Solutions Limited Orillion Solutions Limited and the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) have announced...

Luno Grows By A Million Users In A Year And Expands Its Offering

Press Release: Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 14:00 CAT | Source: Luno Luno, South Africa’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, now has three million customers (wallets) spanning 40...

2018: A Very Crypto Year

2018 has been a very crypto year. And, just like crypto keeps trying to teach us, there are ebbs, flows, peaks, troughs, lows, and...

As A Trader, It Pays To Be Patient

Have a quick glance at the chart below and you’ll be forgiven for assuming that this is the daily candlestick Bitcoin chart. Like the...

FSCA Allegedly Raids Key Members Of MTI

Global Crypto has received news that key members and members of the operational team behind Mirror Trading International (MTI), Clynton and Cheri Marks, allegedly...

The Bitcoin Whitepaper Summarized in 9 Points

Unbelievably, today marks 10 years since an anonymous internet user posted a whitepaper to his idea called "Bitcoin". Back when whitepapers were thought of...

Google Cloud Joins The EOS Blockchain Community

0, developer of the EOSIO blockchain protocol, has announced that Google Cloud will join the EOS community, and is taking steps to become an...

Vitalik Makes Waves At Hong Kong ETH Conference, While ETH Plummets

Saturday (8 September) saw a lot of noise coming out of the Ethereum community. And that's not because the price of the platform's token,...

Luno To Launch Ripple (XRP) Trading

As altcoins continue to perform well this year, South Africa’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has added the ability for its customers to trade Ripple (XRP)...

UK Regulator Clamps Down On Derivative Operators

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story stated that crypto derivative platforms such as BitMEX, ByBit, Deribit, Huobi and Binance would be affected...

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