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Press Release: Tuesday, June 22 2021, 05:30 CAT | Source: Yellow Card

The African-based cryptocurrency exchange Yellow Card announced its new educational platform where users can learn and research cryptocurrency information, economics, and more.

As the premier source to buy and sell Bitcoin in Africa, Yellow Card has been making an effort to support the technological revolutions happening across Africa. By working with local entrepreneurs, hosting and speaking at educational events, attending conferences, and providing information about cryptocurrency via the Yellow Card Academy, the company has shown its dedication to the African tech space. The newest outreach effort from Yellow Card, the YC Academy has a wide range of information about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and economics. Yellow Card views cryptocurrency as the greatest tech era since the creation of the internet and believes that African nations have a unique opportunity to join and develop the technology. The YC Academy joins a number of efforts Yellow Card has made to reach out to developers, business founders, and more in the African tech community. Yellow Card expects its simplified guides to understand crypto, blockchain, trading strategies, and personal finance will help Africans and internet users across the world on their journey to financial freedom.

About Yellow Card

Yellow Card was founded by Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux in 2016 with the intent to create a Bitcoin gift card. Then, in 2018, Chris and Justin met a man at a Wells Fargo who was trying to send $200 dollars to his family in Nigeria. The bank charged him an unjust fee of 90$. We decided to undertake the mission of bringing Bitcoin to Africa with the objective of “financial inclusion for all”, and since then with the help of our partner Munachi Ogueke we’ve taken Africa by storm with tens of thousands of merchants and coverage across the continent.

Yellow Card is dedicated to providing Africa with “Financial Freedom for All”

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