Meet The Team

James Preston

Project Lead

James started in radio when he was 16 years old, doing the Drive Show for a Durban-based Christian radio station during his matric exams! He has a passion and skill for communications, and his career has gained him recognition while working at East Coast Radio, and success on his personal Blog which won two South African Blog Awards.

While working at East Coast Radio, he started a marketing agency, which he recently left in order to build SA Crypto full time.

He spent a number of years as pastor, where he and his wife served some of poorest communities in the world. It was this regular experience with the economically disadvantaged that made him research society's economic landscape. It was this research that led him to the Bitcoin whitepaper back in 2012, where he began his blockchain journey.

Marc Forrest

Head of Technical Operations

Marc Forrest ventured into the online space long before modems were common-place in our homes. An Internet veteran, Marc has channeled his passion for technology into a flourishing career.

One of KwaZulu-Natal’s first bloggers, Marc began blogging in 2004, and highlighted Durban events and establishments via Durbzblog. In 2007, he launched Marc’s blog has, over the years, become a reliable, informative source of information on technology, with a distinctly South African flavour. He was also critical to the creation of and also contributes a monthly Gadgets & Gizmos column to a a number of lifestyle magazines, including The Ballito & The Airport Magazine.

Marc became interested in Bitcoin and all things blockchain in 2012, where he began researching its development capabilities. He has since written a number of successful posts on his own personal blog about digital assets.

When Marc is not making his mark online, he’s at home with his wife and three gorgeous children, making memories and being one of the world’s most mobile-mad dads.

Shaun Ritson


Shaun has been working in IT since he can remember. DJing for school parties and helping friends with their computers were his speciality. He took this skill into the business world, where he built a very successful IT operations career.

He joined Derivco in the late 2000s, where he continued to make his mark in IT infrastructure. It was here that he began to hear about Bitcoin and cryptoassets, and started the "genesis WhatsApp group".

This WhatsApp group is where it all began, and his careful facilitation and hard work grew it into South Africa's largest blockchain community. In 2017, he co-founded Avantcore, a blockchain R&D firm, where he and his partners are building some of the most exciting blockchain tech in the country.

He is still passionately involved with SA Crypto, and supports the team on an ongoing basis.

Team Growth

We have an incredible group of contributors and community managers from all walks of life, and all over the world! You will see their work in our various social and chat channels, and in regular posts for the website. Look out for their faces included on this page soon!

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