About Global Crypto

What is Global Crypto?
South Africa’s largest blockchain community.

Our Mission:
Using our extensive community of blockchain enthusiasts and specialists, we work to develop the most appealing portal possible of news and information that will help businesses and individuals alike be fully informed about the blockchain industry. We help them to make wise decisions that relate to the industry: whether that be by providing insight that will help them make their own investment decisions, how they choose to do business in relation to blockchain, or how they pursue their mining operations.

Our Vision:
To be the leading provider of credible blockchain news and information in South Africa.

What Drives Us?
We believe in the idea of “abundance“; that there are more than enough resources at our availability for every human on the planet to live a happy life. And we want to see this happen. If not in our lifetime, then in the lifetime of our children. We believe the fundamental idea of blockchain, as introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008/09, is one of the key elements upon which such an abundant society can be built. And, we want to use our experience and skills to contribute to one of the most transformational industries of all time!

THE HISTORY – How Did We Get Here?

We began when our founder, Shaun Ritson, started a WhatsApp group amongst some colleagues at work, to talk about the world of Bitcoin and other cryptoassets. We quickly realised the need to create a separate WhatsApp group whereby people interested in mining could gather to ask for advice on the best hardware and software.

It wasn’t long before these WhatsApp groups reached their maximum number of users (256), and we moved over to the popular IM app “Telegram”, back in July 2017. This gathered incredible momentum, and we suddenly found ourselves with over 1500 members across all platforms.

We held meetups at local coffee shops, connected one on one, and shared ideas and advice in all things blockchain. From mining, to trading, to developing.

In the midst of this exciting period, Shaun founded a blockchain research and development firm, Avantcore, with his long-time friend, Nick Allen. They gathered some like-minded friends of their own, and have grown it to become of SA’s leading voices on blockchain.

This left Global Crypto with somewhat of a void, as Shaun found himself overwhelmed at the time he was spending on a new blockchain startup! Fortunately, the community being as great as it was, continued without him. It didn’t take long for a former colleague and now friend of Shaun’s, Marc Forrest, to emerge as the go-to person to manage the community.

With his own tech radio show, a massively successful tech blog and following, Marc was respected among the community. Together with the help of James Preston, they picked up where Shaun left off. In January 2018, it was agreed that James, with his 5 years’ experience in writing and speaking about Bitcoin and its possibilities, coupled with his experience in radio and media, would take to the helm of Global Crypto.

Gathering old friends and new friends met among the community, James and Marc have drawn upon some incredible skills and talent to build a community-based portal that aims to be the country’s authority on blockchain news and info. Whether that be about new technology, price speculation, local startup news, or mining algorithms – there is so much to be informed on when it comes to blockchain!

On Friday 31 August 2018, at 17h40 (CAT), Global Crypto launched their news & info website.