Altcoin Trader to Introduce NEO & GAS

The team from South Africa Crypto exchange, AltcoinTrader, today announced that they would be launching NEO & GAS pairs to their exchange on the...

In the Crypto Wild West, Cowboys don’t Cry

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the Wild West of finance and - just last week - we witnessed one particularly violent gun-slinging duel to be discussed. But...

A Brief Overview of the Top 10 Altcoins

Crypto….the final frontier. Like this article, I don’t know much about the final frontier. What I do know about is how to make the perfect chicken...

The Fight for Democracy in Crypto

Democracy has been a core pillar of society since the days of the ancient Greeks, and it has never abated; merely adjusted and evolved....

Do You Take Crypto?

Paying for dinner is something we do, often, and not just in the loo once we get home. My family eats out a lot,...

12 Tips for Margin Trading in Crypto

Margin, or leveraged, trading, is considered very risky. Of course, when crypto is involved, this type of trading is riskier than usual. The following...

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