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Press Release: Friday, March 27 2020, 08:00 CAT | Source: UNL

UNL, a universal smart addressing platform for navigation and location-based services, partners with Akoin, cryptocurrency and DApp ecosystem from global artist Akon. The companies join forces to build a pan-African digital mapping and addressing infrastructure to power cross-border economics and catalyze economic inclusion.

The partnership brings together Akoin’s “One Africa, One Koin” empowering digital currency for Africa with UNL’s universal addressing system and digital infrastructure to unlock the economic potential of locations and power new digital services. From ecommerce and delivery to door, to smart city applications for more sustainable and inclusive societies, partners of the Akoin platform will be able to cater to any location across the continent.

Akon, speaking at a conference in USA in 2015.

“We are very excited to be joining forces with Akoin platform and support them in realizing their vision for unifying Africa as a market.” – said Xander van der Heijden, CEO of UNL. “UNL is made to connect the unconnected and unlock the economic potential of locations. We believe our collaboration will enable many regions across the continent for the digital economy and empower brands and entrepreneurs to deliver new hyper-local services and applications to any location.”

Across Africa, there are 440 million people without an address. Addresses are a critical socio-economic tool. Without an address people are excluded from day-to-day economic traffic, goods cannot be delivered and access to crucial financial or emergency services is restricted.

UNL gives anyone and anywhere a unique, universal address, providing the critical ‘last mile’ solution for remote locations within Africa. The platform adds a smart layer to real-life places to make any location a point-of-sale, delivery, payment and a point-of-experience.

In January 2020, Global Crypto reported on Akon City being built by Akon, which will be powered by Akoin

People who don’t have an address will be able to claim and personalize their own unique, digital address by assigning a custom name, adding and managing private metadata or last-mile navigation information.

Akon said: “We felt UNL was the best mapping service for what we are trying to do.

Africa has a lot of land … we felt like with them we can grow. They’re in a position where they are growing in a big way.

”The systems they have in place actually work very well with the parts of Africa we’re dealing with … if you need to get a particular package to a particular place UNL is the perfect size to facilitate that.”

Next up for the partnership, UNL’s CEO – Xander van der Heijden is joining the Advisory Board of Akoin to intensify the synergy and enable a multi-level collaboration between the two platforms.

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Image by laurent marx from Pixabay 

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