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We absolutely enjoyed every second of the Blockchain Africa Conference 2019, held in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. As a Media Partner to this exceptional conference, we are very proud of how these groundshaking events rolled out. Well done to the team at Blockchain Africa 2019, and thank you for having us! You can check out some of our coverage and interviews from these events here.

The organisers have put together some incredible content, rounding the conference events, programme and speakers. Here’s more from the #BAC19 organisers:


The Blockchain Africa Conference 2019 in Johannesburg saw a gathering of thought leaders and influencers in the blockchain industry exploring blockchain use-cases, such as Self-Sovereign Identity, enterprise blockchain in finance, the future of banking, interoperability and scalability, regulations regarding ICOs, STOs, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The conference was a resounding success, as amplified by conference MC, Farzam Ehsani, co-founder and CEO at VALR, “It was inspiring and thought-provoking,” and by Michael Glaros, Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain at Microsoft, and Diamond Sponsor to the 2019 Conference who said: “I am just so thrilled to be at the Blockchain Africa Conference with Farzam Ehsani, Brian Behlendorf, Phillip Windley and all the other greats here, so that we can come together and hash [pun] things out for a better crypto and Blockchain future, and together we can be moving Africa forward.”

Enjoy highlights from Day 1 of the Blockchain Africa Conference 2019, Johannesburg edition, here:

Enjoy highlights from Day 2 of the Blockchain Africa Conference 2019, Johannesburg edition, here:


Cape Town

The Cape Town edition of the Blockchain Africa Conference 2019 saw an exploration of how blockchain technology has and can be used to help achieve the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Speakers explored the ways in which this emerging technology is combating issues of security and safety. There is a shift moving from private and centralised systems to more public, anonymous, decentralised networks in a bid to maintain safety and security over financial assets and data, and in order to keep up we need to look to technology to make important changes.

The Conference was a resounding success, as amplified by James Preston, Project Lead at Global Crypto: “Almost one month before the conference, and in true South African style, Bitcoin Events made an announcement that came from left field. Premier Helen Zille would be a keynote speaker, along with the Western Cape’s Minister of Economic Opportunities Beverley Schäfer. For the first time in South Africa, a significant member of government and key policy influencer would be directly involved in a prominent blockchain event. Blockchain Africa Cape Town 2019 could very well go down as a pivotal moment in South Africa’s adoption of the technology. ”

Enjoy highlights the Blockchain Africa Conference 2019, Cape Town edition, here:

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