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What do you get when you take a US army sergeant who served in Iraq, throw him into one of the world’s fastest-growing tech companies, mix him in with one of the largest tech companies of all time, and then introduce him to blockchain technology?

You get Anthony Pompliano.

“Pomp”, as he is more affectionately known on Twitter, has an astonishing background. From serving in Iraq, to working at Facebook and then Snapchat, all while being featured in numerous tech publications, he has seen and done just about all there is to see and do. But it is not these appealing achievements that have made him a household name…

Instead, it is his keen eye for innovation.

Anthony Pompliano speaking at Token Summit

All the attributes that drew him to the likes of Snapchat and Facebook have served him well in the exciting crypto industry, because it was those very attributes that allowed him to see the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin and its underlying technology when he was first introduced to it in 2013. This led to Pompliano partnering with Full Tilt Capital and later Morgan Creek Digital Assets in New York, where he now assists institutional clients and wealthy family offices to invest in the cryptoasset markets eyeing long term growth.

Pomp built a powerful network in American’s tech industry, and his voice grown to become a respected one, but those achievements don’t come overnight. They come from conscientiously understanding your topic, and making sense when you speak. Something Pomp does daily.

Anthony Pompliano on NBC back in 2018

He has been warning about the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policies for years, and highlighting Bitcoin’s abilities to remain isolated from debasement and inflation, not just on the Twitter streets, but on television too, where he is regularly called upon to comment and speak into the cryptocurrency industry.

We were privileged enough to speak to Pomp in early May 2020, right at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic. He was gracious, astute, humble, and on point as ever.

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