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This week, Luke Venediger and Marc Forrest helped out with the podcast – thank you, genius minds! – and you can give that a listen if you feel like giving your eyes a break. 

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CoinDirect Introduces Credit Card Payments
We love new payment options – who doesn’t?! And, thanks to CoinDirect, it’s now possible to buy Bitcoin using your credit card. 

Global Crypto covered the story. 

McAfee Was Missing
Or is he? Reports spewed across social media revealed that, earlier this week, maverick man John McAfee had gone missing. Presumed detained, we waited around for news of his release, or proof of life. It arrived on Wednesday evening, with McAfee’s Twitter account updating, releasing images of his release. His wife’s account also confirmed they’d been released, but that they would not be returning to the Freedom Boat. Where he’s off to next is anyone’s guess, but what I really need to know is: where are his dogs? McAfee’s two dogs had been living on the boat with him and his wife, and I cannot find any updates on their wellbeing. Help me find out! 

Coindesk kept us up to date.

Financial Executives Believe In Blockchain

Well, it’s not news to us, but it is good to see that financial executives are taking blockchain technologies seriously, and not cowering in the corner, trying to hold on to archaic systems. In fact, 9 out of 10 global executives in the financial services and insurance industry believe in the need for transformational digital change, leveraged through distributed ledger technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

BTCManager shared highlights of this research report.

Here Comes A Hearing
Next week is set to be interesting, as the US Senate Banking Committee will hold a hearing on regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. This hearing isn’t the first time the Senate has paid attention to crypto; far from it, indeed. Just recently, special hearings were held around Facebook’s Libra too. 

Coindesk tells us more.
And Coingape shared further details. 

Someone Starting Out?
While most of us like to think we’re early adopters and somewhat jaded in our approach, the world of cryptocurrency is just opening up to most of the world. This nifty little resource from Luno outlines some of the essential steps people should take before they buy their first bit of the BTC pie. 

Luno shares their guide here. 

Fighting Fake News
The New York Times is using the Hyperledger Fabric permissioned blockchain to guarantee the source of digital files. The NYT’s Provenance Project aims to use blockchain technologies to fight misinformation in the media, and it’s set to become a scalable system for publications, big and small. 

Cointelegraph tells us more

Building A Business Case
The World Economic Forum has released a really useful report on how to build a business case for blockchain technologies, applicable to your business. Exploring a variety of industries and sectors, while highlighting some advantages and disadvantages, this is an important resource for anyone looking to implement blockchain tech within their company.

Download the WEF report here. 

Shell Makes A Big Blockchain Move
Shell has just announced a big investment into LO3 Energy’s electricity trading blockchain in the US. Blockchain and power? Huh. I hadn’t thought of that one yet, but it’s a significant development in the arena, and one that brings together so many good things: renewable energy, blockchain technologies, and a company with the right clout to really rev things up. 

REC Protocol covered this story.

Podcast Of The Week

Our very own James interviewed one of the co-founders of a new exchange on the international market. James chatted to Richard Lane of Aquarius Exchange, and learnt more about their team’s drive to solve one of the biggest problems in crypto trading: 

Listen in here.

Tweet Of The Week

This tweet made me happy. The African continent is ripe for blockchain adoption and, strangely enough, we’re often ahead of the game when it comes to payment technologies (here’s looking at you, M-Pesa!) This week, the ICT Cabinet Secretary in Kenya released The Kenya Blockchain Taskforce Report. Keep your eyes on this continent, folks. 

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