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After a cryptic tweet on Monday 27 January, a number of users began scratching around Jo’burg-based crypto exchange VALR as to see what was different. Those observant enough would have noticed new coins listed on the platform, adding to their already hefty offering of 45 coins.

“We’ve listed some big new coins this week on VALR, and we’re really proud to bring these to market,” said CEO Farzam Ehsani in a statement to Global Crypto.

“We are always looking at the quality of coins as well as customer demand to inform our decisions,” continued Ehsani, “and some of these coins have been requested for quite some time now, we also have some very new ones that surprisingly have some good trading liquidity.”

The 9 new coins were listed and deployed to the platform on Sunday 26 January, and officially announced by VALR on the morning of the 28th. The coins listed are:

CRO: Crypto Coin
DAI: Maker Dao
EOS: Eos Project
GRIN: Grin-Tech Project
LINK: Chainlink
QNT: Quant
VET: VeChain
XTP: Tap
XTZ: Tezos

The big announcement Ehsani was referring to was that VALR would slash crypto-crypto trading fees from 0.75% to 0.1% – this was made on the Tuesday afternoon 28 January. In the tweet, VALR declared that if the post received a certain number of Retweets (RTs), they would extend the promotion by up to 2 months. Since the post, it has received over 50 retweets, meaning the 0.1% promotion will run, presumably, until Sunday 9 February – that is, if it doesn’t receive further retweets before then.

The listing of the new coins now takes VALR’s offering up to a total of 54 cryptocurrencies available for trading, including Bitcoin and Ethereum which are the only two to be offered as ZAR pairs.

You can listen to Ehsani’s full statement made to our Managing Editor James Preston in the below podcast clip.

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