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Have you ever had an unwanted scammer slide into your DMs? There is nothing worse right? Well…that’s where you’re WRONG! 

There are millions of wronged women in the world, who receive unsolicited unsavoury pictures on a daily basis. These women are often left scarred with no recourse. That is…Until now. A new site called, is using blockchain to make a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) out of the unsolicited picture, holding the cyber-flashers accountable.

Zoe Scaman, creative strategist and the founder of Bodacious, with a little help from a duo by the name of Very Serious, is the proud owner of this new site, which utilises NFT technology to get back at men who get a ‘kick’ out of sending unsolicited nudes to other peoples DMs.


Scaman admitted that the idea wasn’t originally hers. She was inspired by a post that she spotted on an NFT community Facebook group.

The site is not exactly a one-stop shop that does everything for you. You will have to get your hands a bit dirty. The site merely guides you through various instructions on how to mint an NFT using two, readily available, pieces of software: MetaMask and Mintable.

The site even has instructions for the cyber-flasher, if their unsolicited picture has been turned into an NFT. These instructions are, however, less clear: “Buy the NFTDP (no way around that). If you can’t afford it…too bad lol.” Moral of the story? Stop being a creep and keep it in your pants. Otherwise you’ll be PAYING for your mistakes.

Feature image by Marco Verch from flickr

Andrew is a law student currently studying at UNISA, and Global Crypto's in-house reporter. Andrew discovered blockchain in his final year of school and since developed a keen interest in the subject. He appreciates a good cup of coffee. When he is not too busy with work or studies, he enjoys playing a good round of golf.