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I was privileged to be put in touch with one of Australia’s leading blockchain entrepreneurs (thanks, André Bergh! 😉) who had me on his podcast “Down The Rabbit Hole”. And as part of the recording session we did together over the joyful thing that is the internet, I did an Global Crypto version of the interview!

Tim Lea is his name, and he is a leading blockchain author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur based in Sydney. Originally from London where he was an economist at HSBC bank and an investor in tech startups in the late 90’s, Tim is now an investor and advisor in blockchain. He is most famous for his book “Blockchain: Down the Rabbit Hole” which has earned him recognition across the globe for a simple, easy to understand overview of the tech, but also provides extensive examples of how the tech can be applied to our daily lives.

You can get his outstanding book direct from Amazon by clicking here.

Or you can visit his website to get in touch with him for any queries: WWW.DOWNTHERABBITHOLE.NEWS

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