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Press Release: Tuesday, September 15 2020, 10:15 CAT | Source: Stacks Open Internet Foundation

Today, the Stacks Open Internet Foundation, an entity focusing on R&D and education for the Stacks ecosystem as well as coordination of Stacks blockchain upgrades, announced the launch of its beta grant application program, Stacks Grants. The grant program offers funding for projects that benefit the Stacks ecosystem and Blockstack technology through infrastructure development, community resources, tools, or research and education. The Stacks Foundation will utilize a portion of its 100M Stacks treasury to award grants to promising proposals. During the initial Stacks Grant beta, funding will be from $100 up to $5,000 for projects that further the mission of a user owned internet.

The Stacks Grants program was designed with community and expert input as well as peer research in order to create an open, efficient, and transparent proposal process. The result will be important early support a clear a path for teams to build novel and needed infrastructure in the Stacks ecosystem. Categories for proposals will focus on four main categories: Education, Evangelism, and Collaboration; Core Protocol Development; Tools and Services; and Wildcard, a category reserved for open-ended project proposals. The Stacks Foundation proposal review committee will be headed by the Stacks Foundation and joined by Raffi Sapire, an independent contractor who built the grants process at LivePeer, a decentralized video transcoding network built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Brittany Laughlin, Executive Director of the Stacks Open Internet Foundation, said: “We are excited to have created this with our community by our side and incorporated their research and input into the first version of this program. With our new grant program open, we encourage anyone who is interested in building the future of the internet to come forward and apply. We aren’t looking for just developers; we want to provide resources to those who have a creative vision as well, those who are looking to build communities, social channels, or other creative ideas that bring value to the ecosystem around Blockstack technology and Stacks.”

The initial Stacks Grants program will be launched as a beta program until the launch of Stacks 2.0 to further improve the application process. With the launch of Stacks 2.0, Stacks Grants will potentially increase the size of grants, and applicants will have the opportunity to be awarded grants in STX cryptocurrency as well as propose a new grants committee structure.

Builders, researchers and community members interested in applying for a Stacks Grant can find application details, evaluation criteria, and a crowd sourced list of community wishlist ideas at For future updates on Stacks Grants and news on the Stacks Foundation subscribe to the newsletter at
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