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Press Release: Saturday, December 28 2019, 07:30 CAT | Source: Roostoo

Since 2009, cryptocurrencies have gone from being a pipedream to a new emerging multi-billion dollar industry poised to take over the financial scene. Now, more than ever, the oft-repeated statement holds true: Cryptocurrency is the future.

The question is, are we prepared for this future?

Introducing Roostoo…

That’s where Roostoo comes in. Roostoo is a new, free, and easy-to-use app catered to the younger generation. Its purpose is to teach anyone, anywhere, how to invest in

cryptocurrencies by offering a virtual portfolio and a real-time mock trading environment. This app, which is already available on Android and is coming soon to iOS, is already in use by several university clubs as an educational tool in America, South Africa, and Malaysia, among other places.

Its strength lies in its simplicity. There is no paywall, no obligation to sign up, no barrier for use. The design of the app is very beautiful and minimalistic, intended to guide the user as they navigate the crypto-world and implement trading strategies. It is elegant and modern and accessible, unlike many mock trading guides nowadays.

Roostoo’s Mission

At Roostoo, the main goal is “effortless learning”. That is, users can learn the ins and outs of investing in cryptocurrency simply by experimenting with the app, without the usual tedious studying involved. Roostoo provides an environment that dismantles the barrier to access that exists in the crypto-space today. Too often, a lack of knowledge and money scares off young potential investors and stifles the industry’s growth. Roostoo combats this issue by making the transition into the crypto-space easy and accessible. It is for this reason that the app has been positively received worldwide, particularly in emerging economies in Asia and Africa, where the use of cryptocurrencies can have an immense impact. Most of Roostoo’s users are college-aged, and hail from a variety of backgrounds.

New Features

While Roostoo is a fully functional app on the Google Play Store already, there is huge room for expansion. Come 2020, Roostoo will be taking its first steps to rolling out these expansions by implementing two brand new features: referral codes and mock-trading competitions. Roostoo will also be moving in the direction of gamifying the app in order to maximize the user experience. The hope is to be able to foster and engage with a growing community and offer an opportunity to have fun with peers.

Referrals will be rewarded with in-game mock cash. Competitions, which can be created by anyone, come with the option of being “public” [anyone can join] or “private” in order to suit the needs of any individual and organization. There may be official competitions between universities or hosted by existing companies with actual prizes, or there may be unofficial contests just to hone your investing skills and have fun. Either way, it is sure to offer much enjoyment and is certainly something to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

Connect With Roostoo!

By improving financial accessibility and bringing new users into the crypto-space, Roostoo aims at helping to make cryptocurrency mainstream. It is an early stage startup operating out of USC [University of Southern California] and consisting of USC students and alumni. To learn more about Roostoo, check out their website at, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram. And, to try out the actual app, check out Roostoo here!

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