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Press Release: Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 10:30 CAT | Source: Reality Company 

There is a new kid on the ‘block’. Reality Company is a global blockchain-based tech start-up founded by fintech entrepreneurs Edward Cotterell and David Goldberg. The Reality Group is based in the Isle of Man and aims to revolutionise the global entrepreneurial environment and traditional investing by issuing asset-backed Reality Coins (RLTs). These innovative ERC 20 tokens will launch in South Africa and several other international markets in May 2022.

Several high-net worth entrepreneurs have already provided substantial investment to establish the venture and its blockchain infrastructure.

Disrupting And Revolutionizing Listing And Access To Funding For SMEs

By harnessing the power of blockchain technology (the same technology underlying cryptocurrencies), RLTs will allow Reality to create the ‘Reality Block Exchange’ – the world’s first digital decentralised blockchain-based stock exchange.

This platform will have tailored listing requirements and procedures which will enable small to medium sized companies to list and tokenize their equity at a reduced cost, opening up a previously inaccessible path to raise capital from markets.

“We believe that creating this entrepreneurial ecosystem will fundamentally alter the fundraising landscape for enterprises while also creating value for the Reality Group and RLT holders,” says Edward Cotterell, CEO of Reality Company.

Revolutionizing Traditional Investing

The overwhelming majority of people are unable to obtain sound investment advice and gain access to the best investment opportunities.

Through the Reality platform, RLTs will provide holders with various rights relating to the Reality Group as well as exposure to a robust investment portfolio of tangible real world productive assets (both listed and unlisted), managed by a team of market-leading and reputable investment advisors.

At an initial launch price of USD 1.15 (approximately R16,91), the asset-backed digital tokens will provide an affordable investment opportunity with reduced risk and volatility usually associated with cryptocurrencies. The overarching business model also follows a regenerative ecosystem, where profits and returns are continuously reinvested allowing for compounded growth within the Reality portfolio.

Cotterell says, “Historically, quality private equity and venture capital markets have been defined by high barriers to entry – not just through the upfront investment costs, but also in attaining the best investment advice required to manage and mitigate risk. Our vision is to revolutionise investing for everyone, regardless of their bank balance.”

“To be able to provide entrepreneurs with support and access to a previously inaccessible avenue for funding; reduce the risk and volatility associated with cryptocurrencies; provide unprecedented access to real world ownership through blockchain technology; offer investors exposure to a range of investments in the listed and unlisted space, including private equity and venture capital, all through a single platform is incredibly exciting. It has been a memorable journey to grow this concept from a dream to a reality,” concludes Cotterell.

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