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Finding reputable, reliable sources of news in the heady, sometimes cloudy, world of cryptocurrencies can be difficult. We’re making it easier today, with this list of our favourite South African voices to follow in crypto:

You may know him as Fluffypony online, but we know him as Riccardo Spagni. Riccardo is the lead maintainer and developer at Monero, a cryptocurrency that’s keenly focused on financial privacy and enabling users to operate as their own bank. Riccardo’s easy manner of sharing information, engaging in sensible debates, and being an all-round sensible sort, always impresses us!

In Math We Trust, and in Simon Dingle, we believe! In Math We Trust is an essential read for everyone – whether they’re merely mildly curious over crypto, or they’re fully focused on figuring out what moons next. He’s a must-follow for everyone!

You know Vinny Lingham for his string of successful business ventures, and he’s currently involved in building a global blockchain ID platform at CivicKey. He’s not shy to swing into debates, and at just 39 years old, we’re pretty sure he knows the secret sauce to staying young, while making it big!

Paresh Daya is a Blockchain Strategist for one of our country’s major banks, and just the best guy to chat to, as well! As Director of the Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club SA and BlinkTech, Paresh is keenly involved in crypto education and demystifying the world of cryptocurrencies.

Aatish Ramkaran is a co-founder at the Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club SA and BlinkTech, and an essential follow if you’re keen on crypto. He also shares updates relating to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and we love his views on this strange new world!  

A fellow Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club SA co-founder, Alexa M, is a trailblazer data and Blockchain consultant, determined to seek out unique opportunities and encourage young women to take their rightful seat in the world of technology.

Sonya Kuhnel heads up the Blockchain Academy and co-founder at Bitsure. She’s also the brain behind the Bitcoin Africa conferences. Committed to education and all things crypto, Sonya is one conference/event speaker you should definitely circle as a must-listen.

And our #SecondSimon to make the list, Simon de La Rouviere is known as the Engineer of Societies at ConsenSys and is based in Cape Town. Simon’s been involved in the creation and curation of online communities throughout his career and is currently dedicated to the development of new societies based on blockchain technologies.

Joe Zabbia’s YouTube videos are essential education for anyone curious about crypto, and his Tweets are a fun find of useful trading information and perspective.

Crypto Eddie isn’t just a great guy to follow, he’s extremely easy to understand too! Eddie takes the mystery out of analysing crypto charts and helps us spot trends and turns along the way. His presentation at Durban Global Crypto Summit sure helped clear our heads on crypto trading.

Who’d we miss? If you’d like to add to our list of South African favourites to follow in crypto, let us know in the comments below, or drop us a line here.

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