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Press Release: Wednesday, February 17 2021, 09:30 CAT | Source: Block Alpha

What is this DeFi token and where can I buy it? Should I be mining Bitcoin? How is Ethereum 2.0 going to affect the market and what sectors are likely to gain? Why did the market just crash and is it likely to go down further?

These are all valid questions at the forefront of anyone’s mind new to the crypto space. However, should you try to google these questions you will get a mountain of blog articles and YouTube experts – each one contradicting the last.

So, where can users turn?

Block Alpha is a platform and community built to answer just that!

Block Alpha is a platform built by South Africans who asked these very same questions years ago when they first entered this new and exciting space. Since then, they’ve used their years of experience in finance, banking and software development to create a tool that has everything for those hungry to get started.

The Block Alpha platform is your one stop shop when it comes to Crypto. They have a 6-module dashboard – each made to make your Crypto journey a breeze. These include a news feed with up to date news from around the world, a price feed, a place to make and monitor all your trades, as well as trading signals from experienced traders – all at your fingertips.

They also have an education module with videos and guides that were months in the making – including structured lessons that will get you to a proficient trader level and Crypto aficionado in no time. They call this the Crypto Guide.

Then there is the personal touch: Your go-to crypto guy on call. Members who subscribe to the higher tiered packages get access to a community with daily market updates and scanning, bi-weekly webinars on topics of interest like ETH 2.0 and how to capitalise on it.

Furthermore, each team member was onboarded for their expertise in different fields, from trading to mining and even automated trading strategies -and all these resources are just a call or text away for Block Alpha VIPs.

As part of their launch they are hosting a free webinar this Saturday 20 February “ Intro to Crypto & Bitcoin” The topics covered are –

  • The history of money and Bitcoins value proposition
  • What is Bitcoin, in simple terms, and what gives it value
  • How to, easily and safely, get started with Crypto trading, investing or education
  • Red flags and how to avoid scams and stay safe in the Crypto space

Register here:

Visit their web –

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