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Press Release: Wednesday, 1 July 2020, 09:30 CAT | Source: “Become your own bank in less than 1 week easily”

Bitcoin and decentralisation fly in the face of a central banker’s dream – inflation targeting, central planning, interventionism, and bottom-down programming.

Soon after Eugéne Etsebeth discovered cryptocurrencies he realised their positive implications for individual sovereignty. Working at a central bank – the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) – at the time gave him the conceptual freedom to explore, research, and interact with crypto industry players early on in the South African ecosystem, from a technological and policy perspective.

Eugéne Etsebeth

Eugéne Etsebeth said: “Cryptocurrencies are often out of reach for the people who need it the most. Doing research for my ebook, along with my practical experience of becoming my own bank, showed that the crypto industry is too technically minded. I wanted to make buying and storing your own bitcoin as easy as doing grocery shopping and planning a holiday trip.”

He continued: “If you can buy groceries and book a getaway then you can take responsibility of your bitcoin and become your own bank. I make it that simple in the book.”

The ebook is called “Become your own bank in less than 1 week easily”. At 29 pages in length, it is a simple and easy guide to setting up your own bank. It includes:

● A shopping list of items to buy
● A shopping checklist to make your shopping actionable
● A quick guide to buying bitcoin
● Steps to clear your calendar (and a planning checklist)
● Easy to follow steps of how to bank yourself and get started with your last will and testament
● A Bonus section includes how to avoid a run on South African banks. This advice could be worth thousands of Rands in a time of uncertainty.

The ebook is available in PDF on gumroad for US$ 6.99 – about R 125.

Eugéne Etsebeth is currently the COO at iCE3 Exchange. He represented and spearheaded the central bank in many industry groups. He left the central bank to work on decentralised technologies more aligned with his world-view.

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