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Press Release: Friday, 13 September 2019, 08:00 CAT | Source: KyberSwap

KyberSwap, a DEX (decentralized exchange) on Ethereum powered by Kyber Network, announced today the launch of a new fiat-to-crypto gateway through a partnership with Coindirect, a digital currency service provider backed by Concentric, MakerDAO and With this Coindirect partnership, KyberSwap has become one of the first to introduce a fiat-to-crypto gateway for the decentralized ecosystem. 

Screenshot of initial KyberSwap fiat purchasing screen

To date, KyberSwap’s platform has only supported the trading of Ethereum ERC20 tokens. With this new integration, anyone can purchase ETH directly through KyberSwap’s web and mobile apps using a credit card and begin trading more than 70 digital assets. In addition to providing customers in over 100 countries with a new on-ramp to purchase their first digital assets using a native currency, KyberSwap’s feature-rich platform offers a seamless user experience, with decentralized token swaps, price charts, price alerts, non-custodial limit orders, and tracking of their favourite assets on a watchlist.

Screenshot showcasing successful fiat crypto purchase on KyberSwap

“The Kyber team met many people during recent Ethereum events who were keen to join the blockchain ecosystem but weren’t sure where to begin,” said Sunny Jain, Head of Product at  KyberSwap. “We realized that a lot of people who have never held digital assets find the current process extremely complex. This inspired our partnership with Coindirect to build a simple and secure fiat-to-crypto gateway, helping to increase crypto adoption worldwide.” 

London-headquartered Coindirect offers robust support for VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards as well as Mobile Money solutions in emerging markets. With one of the lowest fees in the industry and the widest geographic footprint, Coindirect has grown quickly in the digital asset payment industry, and complies with strict international standards in terms of AML and CFT.


“We are excited to work with Kyber Network to introduce one of the first fiat-to-crypto gateways for the decentralized finance ecosystem,” said Jesse Hemson-Struthers, CEO and founder of Coindirect. “Together, we hope to make it simpler for people to purchase their first digital asset and equalize people’s access to the global financial markets.” 

KyberSwap is accessible via its website, as well as iOS and Android mobile apps. 

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About KyberSwap is Kyber Network’s in-house digital asset exchange platform. With no deposits and withdrawals required, KyberSwap provides a fast, simple, and secure way to swap Ethereum assets in a decentralized manner. Other features include price alerts, non-custodial limit orders, and convenient tracking of users’ favourite assets on a watchlist.


About Coindirect

Coindirect accelerates Global cryptocurrency adoption by building a bridge between the decentralised world of crypto and the centralised world of traditional finance.  Coindirect Business is a plug and play blockchain enabled payment solution that allows companies, freelancers and platforms to support cryptocurrency transactions at a global scale. Coindirect leads the cryptocurrency payment industry by providing the most diverse selection of fiat payment methods, the widest geographical reach in the world and the lowest fees in the industry. 

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