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The Cardano Foundation, an independent, Swiss-based non-profit organization tasked with advancing the public digital infrastructure Cardano, launched its inaugural Annual Report today. From technical infrastructure support to spreading knowledge or establishing targeted partnerships and collaborations, the report showcases the Foundation’s work across its three core focus areas of operational resilience, education, and adoption.

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, commented on the launch of the report: “When I first came onboard as CEO in 2020, it was a crucial moment for the Cardano Foundation. Now, almost three years later, we have a long-term strategy that can stand the test of time and build the Cardano Foundation as an organization that will both encourage ecosystem growth and increase enterprise adoption.”

The report outlines the Cardano Foundation’s continuous technical assistance in 2022 for the maintenance and improvement of the Cardano infrastructure. This included support on the Vasil hard fork; the enhancement of the Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP) process; the expansion of the Developer Portal with wider documentation on a range of options and tools to build on Cardano; and the release of the Decentralized Application Backend (DAB) solution, which allows developers to easily deploy a decentralized application to interact with smart contracts on Cardano.

Within the report lies an account of how the Foundation facilitated increased knowledge of the Cardano infrastructure through education. Namely, the Foundation engaged with policymakers, businesses, and students by collaborating with universities and participating in high-level policy discussions with international representatives. The team also launched a testing phase for its education programme, contributing to a deeper and accurate understanding of blockchain technology.

The Annual Report provides an overview of how the Foundation fostered adoption through targeted partnerships with various organizations, government agencies, and leading universities; for example, Switzerland for UNHCR, the Georgia National Wine Agency, veritree, and the University of Zurich. The Foundation also developed and launched several tools to facilitate adoption and assist Cardano in scaling.

Gregaard, concluded: “I am proud of the achievements we have made over the past year and excited to continue our work to promote a more decentralized future; 2023 has already seen the launch of the Alpha Program of our blockchain course and preparation for a series of technical enablers that will create bridges between blockchain and wider society.”

The Cardano Foundation’s Annual Report 2022 is available for download here.

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