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We’re in unprecedented times! Not only are we facing a financial crisis that could* rival the Great Depression but we are also facing a global safety crisis not seen since World War 2. It would seem that the Covid-19 Coronavirus has been the pin to pop the great financial bubble we’ve seen endlessly inflating in global markets, and things don’t look great.

The virus has of course caused billions of people to “socially distance” themselves in an effort to “flatten the curve“, which means that we will be recording our Market Analysis series via Skype for the foreseeable future.

In this week’s edition, which is proudly sponsored by global trading leaders Huobi, we start by having a good look at the S&P500 in the USA, and get some clarity as to why we’re likely to head into a depression. We then look deeply into Bitcoin, and see the potential of crypto decoupling from traditional market movements.

We then analyse the short term prospects for Bitcoin after a great recovery in the last 24 hours.

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*We don’t intend to be fear-mongers, and most certainly aren’t “guaranteeing” a “depression”, but the probability is that world markets will likely fall into what is classified as a depression based on how the technicals look on global charts. We do believe that society will come out the other side of any financial crisis we are heading into in a better state than before. It’s what humans are good at.

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