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Over the weekend, our Whatsapp and Telegram trader’s groups were abuzz with activity, primarily because the crypto charts were starting to tell an exciting story. There was a strong indication that we were about to see some movement, likely to the upside.

Our Financial Analyst Graeme Tennant shared a symmetrical triangle with contracting volatility on both BTC and Ethereum, and felt bullish. Within 48 hours both these scenarios played out, and those who agreed with the consensus enjoyed a successful trade.

ETH moved most significantly of the two, providing some outstanding gains, while Bitcoin looked like it was aiming for $8000 but only reached $7450, at which point Graeme and the traders agreed that it was time for a cool off.

In this “lockdown edition” of our weekly Market Analysis, we look at where things could be headed next, with a likely cool down period expected for the next few days…



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