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The volume of cryptocurrency exchanges in India and even the leading country crypto users witnessed a huge fall. It was $692092 or nearly INR 5.19 crore in comparison to the volume on 31st March 2022. This was as per Crebaco Global. It is a cryptocurrency and blockchain market research firm’s data. Yet the industry experts feel that all long-term investors must stay invested.

From 1st April 2022, the 30 % tax on crypto became applicable. Some feel that it will never cause much of a problem to the industry of virtual digital assets in India. Yet this is contrary to the initial data. Most of the Indian cryptocurrency exchanges saw a huge drop in their volume apart from domain traffic. This was again reported by Crebaco Global.

The leading crypto exchanges faced this challenge. The volume of WazirX witnessed a 40% fall. 52.91 % was seen by Coin DCX. Bitbns saw 8.9 % and 76% was seen by Zebpay. A lot of cryptocurrency experts expected something similar to this. Yet they have hope that the slide will never continue for much longer.

The current scenario in the world of cryptocurrency

  • The new cryptocurrency tax started to be effective on 1st April. After this Indian cryptocurrency exchanges saw a huge fall in volumes of transactions.
  • The last days of March saw huge panic selling.
  • Crebaco Global CEO, Sidharth Sogani, says the various taxes are an obstacle.
  • The flat 30% tax, not having the option to set off losses in a similar class, TDS, and GST increment the compliances for small crypto investors as well as confine the ecosystem’s development.
  • According to a survey led by almost 97 blockchain engineers, most people said that they are thinking about moving abroad.
  • While others assume that tax assessment has expanded perceivability and acknowledgment of cryptocurrency or virtual digital assets.
  • The crypto/NFT tax assessment has been an aid in excess of blight. It was said by GuardianLink’s CEO, Ramkumar Subramaniam. It is the platform known to launch the NFT collection of Amitabh Bachchan.
  • There is an articulated expansion in the mindfulness of NFTs and crypto.
  • It is about concentrating on tax collection.
  • The untouchability of dim lawfulness encompassing cryptos has vanished on account of the tax collection.
  • The ongoing plunge in NFT trading can be ascribed to an overall market pattern.
  • They can never pinpoint the presentation of tax assessment. Subramanian told this. He also mentioned that yet, the taxes are on the higher side.
  • It can never be denied that the percentage of tax on digital currencies is a piece on the extreme side.
  • It is expected that the government will be thinking of some solutions as the market develops and grows.

Long-term investors are here to stay

  • India has more than 10 million cryptocurrency clients.
  • It is the second most prominent on this planet. Vietnam is first according to Chainanalysis.
  • They are a retail stage. They have not seen a prompt and critical drop in their exchanging volume since the greater part of their investors is viewing cryptocurrency as a resource that increases in value over the long haul.
  • It was claimed by CoinSwitch Kuber’s CEO. Ashish Singhal.
  • Yet the taxes charged in all actuality do gobble up capital and edges.
  • Traders with high-frequency give liquidity to the cryptocurrency market. It empowers the effective trading of resources.
  • Such traders work on incredibly slight margins.
  • So securing their capital with some high TDS will be limiting their capacity to work.
  • It will bring down market liquidity and at last affect retail investors.
  • The industry feels that this fall would not last for long.
  • It will recover
  • The volumes of trade have without a doubt been affected. They are trusting that a reasonable pattern will rise out of the information as they accept this is some temporary peculiarity.
  • The increase in worldwide costs of key crypto resources has previously made a few investors repurchase the resources they sold before.
  • Long-haul investors are still invested in crypto and are clutching their resources.
  • All these were mentioned by Giottus’s CEO Vikram Subburaj.


Cryptocurrency exchanges should try educating consumers regarding the new rules of tax. Then it may be helping to increase volumes. But the vital part now to increase users and volume, would also be a taxation relaxation policy.

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