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Press Release: Tuesday, June 8 2021, 13:15 CAT | Source: Binance

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider has today announced, ‘100 Creators’, a new campaign on Binance NFT Marketplace, to support and promote innovative creators from around the world and spotlight NFT pieces from different cultures.

Wian, Africa’s largest TikTok influencer, will launch an exclusive NFT collection as part of 100 Creators on Binance NFT Marketplace. The NFT collection will feature artworks highlighting his passion for magic as a means of entertainment and inspiration. He aims to pay homage to well-known magic-centric characters and their links to the boundless crypto space whilst simultaneously allocating a portion of the proceeds from his sales to charitable causes. “With everything going on in the world, using my influence to instill “magic” in those less fortunate will give me a smile wider than the Joker!”, Wian said.

On launching his debut NFT collection on the Binance NFT Marketplace, Wian said: “To me, one cannot talk about crypto without mentioning Binance. Binance is ubiquitous, fast and easy to use. I have been exploring crypto marketplaces to delve into the NFT space for a while and when the opportunity to display my NFT on the Binance NFT marketplace came about, I was ecstatic. As we are both the “largest” in our respective fields (Binance with crypto exchange and myself with TikTok), collaborating with them was really a no-brainer for me.”

Binance NFT will launch on June 24, prioritising optimal user experience, minimal fees, high liquidity and high-value NFTs. The Binance NFT Marketplace will share the same account system as Existing Binance users will be able to access the NFT marketplace and trade with their current Binance accounts. New users will simply have to register on to create or trade on the Binance NFT platform.

Emmanuel Babalola, Director at Binance Africa, said: “We are especially excited to host African creators as we see the profound opportunity NFTs and the blockchain bring to the entire continent. As NFTs transform the digital art world, it is important that African creators are provided an even larger platform with optimal solutions to reach a more global audience”

The 100 Creators will be a pioneer set of creators on the Binance NFT trading market. These creators will be able to list their artworks on the first week of the Binance NFT marketplace launch. The ‘100 Creators Campaign’ will also feature exclusive NFTs from top creators around the world such as Ukrainain Football Club FC Dynamo Kyiv, Africa’s foremost cryptoartist, Osinachi and Russian street artist, Misha Most, with one-of-a-kind offerings and world-class collectibles.

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