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Press Release: Friday, July 16 2021, 09:15 CAT | Source: Yellow Card

As the premier source to buy and sell Bitcoin in Africa, Yellow Card has been making an effort to support the technological revolutions happening across the continent. The newest outreach effort from Yellow Card, the Yellow Card (YC) Academy has a wide range of information about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and financial literacy.

John Colson, Chief Marketing Officer for Yellow Card, says having traveled across the continent and engaging with the youth it was evident that there was a larger need for financial literacy education and inclusion across Africa.

“We hope the content on the YC Academy can help people make more informed financial decisions, from buying cryptocurrency for the first time to creating a budget, to learning how to properly save for university,” said John.

Yellow Card views cryptocurrency as the greatest tech era since the creation of the internet and believes that African nations have a unique opportunity to join and develop the technology.

“Crypto and blockchain adoption will continue to grow in Africa and we will see more of its use cases being adopted, money transfer and savings will be among the top. However there are many misconceptions around cryptocurrency and it’s important that users have some understanding of the basics. We also want to protect our users from scams and fraudsters, therefore, education is very important to help fight this,” John added.

The YC Academy joins a number of efforts Yellow Card has made to reach out to developers, business founders, and more in the African tech community. Yellow Card expects its simplified guides to understand crypto, blockchain, trading strategies and personal finance will help Africans and internet users across the world on their journey to financial freedom. With a large number of people contributing localized content from nine different countries in Africa, there is no other greater cryptocurrency educational platform that is built for African by Africans.

Visit the Yellow Card Academy website today at:

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