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According to new research published by crypto education platform, Crypto Head, The United States is the world’s most “crypto ready” country.

The Crypto Ready Index by Crypto Head, took into account over 200 countries and analysed their readiness to accept cryptocurrencies. Through considering a variety of factors including the number of crypto ATMs in each country and their accessibility, the legality of crypto and the number of online searches for crypto-related terms, the USA came out tops. 

The USA was followed by Cyprus and Singapore. According to the data, the US has 17,436 crypto ATMs, while Cyprus, the second ranking country, doesn’t have a single crypto ATM. Cyprus, however, dominates when it comes to crypto searches. The study found that 33,491 people out of every 100,000 people searched for cryptocurrencies, meaning that nearly one third of its population has performed a crypto-related search over the last year.

The data also showed the number of people per crypto ATM. The US was placed first here, boasting a crypto ATM for every 19,023 people. According to the data, in Singapore, there are only 10 crypto ATMs, which equates to an ATM every 28 square miles.

As crypto adoption continues to grow over the next few years, these figures are expected to change drastically, and exciting times lie ahead.

Feature image by Kripto Kritik from flickr

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