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Press Release: Friday, September 24 2021, 10:00 CAT | Source: Remitano

Becoming a successful crypto trader or investor involves not only making sound financial decisions but having the courage to make the decisions in the first place. A lot of crypto enthusiasts simply look to trading crypto on a daily basis without giving a thought to HODLing.

HOLDing crypto, in fact, has been known to be one of the most effective ways to make money from crypto. But, not all crypto enthusiasts are willing to buy Bitcoin or Altcoins and HOLD. This is simply due to fear, uncertainty, and doubt popularly known as FUD in the crypto space.

In a bid to make users financially happy, Remitano has decided to give users the necessary push into the crypto HODLing world. So the big question is – what if you can begin accumulating Bitcoin or Ethereum and you get compensated for any loss you incur? Well, that is what the Tournament of Diamond Hands is all about. Remitano is using this unique competition to reward the true Bitcoin and Ethereum holders.

By creating the Tournament of Diamond hands, Remitano aims to help users learn the art of crypto HODLing in practice and rewarding them for doing so. This tournament rewards traders who incur losses on their Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings.

Things are easier said than done. That’s why Remitano wants to celebrate the real action takers. Participate and stand a chance to claim up to 5,000 dollars! Keep in mind that Remitano is all about helping users trade, profit, and win with ease.

Users who participate will not only be having fun; they also will be able to stabilize their crypto wallets. The tournament of Diamond hands is one great way to help crypto traders and investors grow and, more importantly, learn more about the crypto market and build a long-term mindset.

Ready to win up to $5000? Let’s dive in!

Rule Of The Game

It’s simple. Buy Bitcoin or ETH in September 2021 with P2P transactions or Swap by Remitano. The top 3 users with the most total losses per table win. Results will be summarized by the end of September 30, 2021, and announced after the summary.

Who is eligible

All Remitano users can participate in the tournament. Simply visit Remitano today, create an account in less than 5 minutes and start trading to participate in the competition. Traders that buy BTC or ETH worth $500 or more are automatically qualified to take part in the tournament.

What you stand to win

A grand total prize of $5000 is up for grabs and will be shared between the top 3 traders with the most total losses per pool.

Depending on the total amount of BTC or ETH bought through Remitano P2P and Swap in September, traders will be categorized into 3 pools.

  • Silver Pool
  • Gold Pool
  • Diamond Pool

Silver Pool:  To join the silver pool, a trader must have bought $500 – $800 worth of bitcoin or Ethereum within September.  Prizes will be shared among the winners as follows:

1st prize: 500 USDT

2nd prize: 200 USDT

3rd prize: 100 USDT

Golden Pool:  Traders that buy BTC or ETH worth $800 to $1000 using Remitano P2P or Swap will be eligible for the golden pool. Three winners will also be selected in this pool and the trader that comes out on top stands a chance to win $1000.

1st prize: 1,000 USDT

2nd prize: 500 USDT

3rd prize: 200 USDT

Diamond Pool: Traders that buy Bitcoin and Ethereum above $1000 in September stand a chance of winning the ultimate prize of $1,500.

1st prize: 1,500 USDT

2nd prize: 700 USDT

3rd Prize: 300 USDT

How to participate in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Fill the form in the official announcement of the tournament to register

Step 2: Buy BTC or ETH at any time in September 2021 with either Remitano P2P or Swap.

Step 3: Track your transaction so that Remitano can calculate it as a profit or loss. You can do that easily by following these simple steps –

  • Log in to, navigate to “Dashboard” -> “P2P Exchange”
  • Select the tab “Completed Trades” and tick “Follow”.
  • Then go to the “Following” tab to see the profit and loss.
  • Your profit and loss will be automatically calculated in real-time by the system.

Whether you are a trader or an investor, this is an opportunity for everyone to earn some USDT while HODLing Bitcoin or Ethereum. Why don’t you sign up on Remitano to participate in the tournament of diamond hands!

You can also earn more with the ongoing Simple Mining Game on Remitano and you can earn up to $600  for mining free coins. Remitano recently launched its official coin, RENEC, which can be mined for free using your mobile phone. In addition to mining for free, top miners with the highest number of RENEC will be rewarded with up to $600.

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