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South Africa’s AltCoinTrader has announced that they will be listing Chainlink on 25 November 2020. Chainlink, the 5th-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is the native token of the Oracle network and the largest Oracle project to date.

Global Crypto reached out to the exchange’s CEO, Richard de Sousa, who outlined that there were multiple factors that contributed to their decision to list Chainlink, but one of the major factors was the strong drive from the community to list the coin. De Sousa mentioned that AltCoin is very in touch with the community and received many requests to list the coin.

“In addition, if you consider Bitcoin as Crypto 1.0, we then have Ethereum which is crypto 2.0 and then in a different kind of way we have Chainlink which is the Oracle, the coin which is going to give information to blockchain, so it’s almost a stretch.. But you could call it crypto 3.0.”

De Sousa went on to mention that he believes these are the three main cryptocurrencies that are predicted to grow in strength in the future. He also stressed the fact that before they list a coin on AltCoin, they do extensive investigations and will only list solid, credible projects.

AltCoinTrader seems to be leading the way in South Africa, in terms of the wide variety of coins that are on offer. They have also recently added a new “Easy buy/sell” feature to cater for people entering the market who are inexperienced in the way in which exchanges work, as they can often be quite challenging for people who are unfamiliar with them. This feature should help simplify the process for first time crypto investors.

Feature image by Marco Verch from flickr

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