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Vampcoins are virtual currencies with similar features to Bitcoin but are based on different blockchains. They are a type of cryptocurrency used as payment in various transactions.

As a result, you can use Vampcoins as payment methods in your cryptocurrency exchanges.

We currently have the vampcoin TOMB and 2OMB; both are on the same Fantom blockchain network. However, the 2OMB Vampcoin rewards are much higher than the TOMB. 2OMB is much smaller than TOMB, so it swings much more around its peg.

Vampcoins will quickly saturate the blockchain market soon. It’s pretty easy to set up the Vampcoin.

How to set up Vampcoins

Vampcoins are easy to set up, all you need is the following below;

  1. Stablecoin pegged to a native token (TOMB pegged to FTM)
  2. Printing coin: TSHARE. During over-peg periods, TOMB are printed. These new printed TOMB are distributed to TSHARE holders.
  3. Freeze coin: TBOND. For freezing your losses during under-peg periods

Note that setting up a Vampcoin is not as simple as creating an ERC-20 token, or an NFT token. You need to create 3 tokens and deploy 3 smart contracts. TOMB made the process easy by just copying and pasting the process.

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