Reading Time: 2 minutes, a blockchain-based app, is set to liberate the compensation of NSFW content, allowing creators to post free of charge, while other platforms take a 20%-40% cut of their profits. Content creators also have the freedom to decide how much they want to charge, and the blockchain-based solution ensures that their content cannot be copied or stolen.

The has attracted some of the world’s largest NSFW stars in the build up to its official launch in August 2021. Popular OnlyFans couple, LeoLulu, have announced an official partnership this week. Facing a number of previous challenges expressing their intimacy online, the couple said: “We have been sharing adult content for more than four years now and our creative expression has always been blocked by external institutions.”

“We’ve had more than twelve Instagram accounts deleted, even though we made sure to respect their content policy. We had our bank account blocked even though our activity is legal and we pay taxes… We have to adapt our content to various platforms that always take a significant portion of our earnings – when they themselves have to enforce strict content regulations imposed by payment providers,” said LeoLulu.

Powered by the app’s native cryptocurrency token, $PornRocket, no credit card is required, mitigating issues with disputed transactions, and alleviating the fees creators pay as a result. 

Ahead of the launch, over 60,000 fans have already purchased the app’s cryptocurrency token and are ready to benefit from a signature reward-based system.

Founder of, and Strategic Advisor, Reuben Coppa, said: 

“It is our mission to create a platform where users can express themselves creatively, with no limitations… is strong, adventurous and forward-thinking. Everything we produce is built from real life challenges faced by users of other online adult platforms. We want to shun the stigma associated with consuming adult content and are determined to create the world’s most accessible online application, where everyone feels safe and can truly be themselves.” 

As OnlyFans recently revealed plans to step away from adult content, NSFW is designed to fill the multi-billion-dollar gap it leaves wide open. Alongside LeoLulu, stars including Abella Danger and Lana Rhodes have also jumped on board as brand ambassadors.

Feature image by Любава Мануша from flickr

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