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On Wednesday, Netflix released the new crypto documentary “Hunt for the Crypto King”. The film was inspired by the mysterious death of the founder of the now-defunct crypto exchange QuadrigaCX.

The cryptocurrency exchange’s founder died while on a trip to India. He also took the whereabouts of the keys to crypto wallets containing approximately $250 million in cryptocurrencies.

Following the mysterious disappearance/death of QuadrigaCX founder, unofficial investigations and numerous conspiracy theories arose. The Netflix investigative documentary seeks to dispel some of the mystery surrounding the high-profile cryptocurrency case, which confounds many people even today.

The founder’s death was staged according to the conspiracy theory that resonated with viewers of the documentary, particularly those familiar with the entire saga.

The Hunt for the Crypto King documentary is quite engaging and does not require anyone to have crypto knowledge to understand it. Quite a few people in the crypto community who have closely followed the story or were affected by the exchange’s demise found it thrilling.

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