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Financial and investment advice firm, Motley Fool, has announced its first cryptocurrency investment. The firm said that it will invest $5 million into Bitcoin with the expectation that it will rise to $500,000. 

Motley Fool announced the news via Twitter, citing three core reasons behind their decision to invest in the digital asset: Bitcoin will be a better store of value than gold over the long term; it has the potential to become a medium for transactions, and it creates an effective hedge against inflation.

According to a blog post, the firm, separate from its own investment, will also be offering its investors exposure to Bitcoin through its 10X real-money portfolio, as one of 40 assets that it predicts will have a 1,000% return over the next 15 years.

The firm expressed minimal concern over the volatility of Bitcoin over the short term, claiming that they plan to hold their Bitcoin investment for many years, expecting a 10X potential increase from current levels over the long term. If the company’s prediction were to come true, it would see Bitcoin surprising $500,000 in the next 15 years.

We aren’t buying overpriced ETFs as our route into Bitcoin. We are buying Bitcoin directly”.

Motley Fool is not the first institution to jump on the Bitcoin train. The news comes nearly two weeks after Tesla announced a massive $1.5 billion Bitcoin investment and less than a week after MicroStrategy announced a $600 million capital raise to buy more Bitcoin. MicroStrategy currently owns 70,784 BTC.

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