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It is difficult to keep John McAfee away from anything remotely linked with digital currencies. Now, he is joining the Chinese social media giant, Weibo, to connect with the Chinese crypto community. Is this effort part of a plan to increase his influence within the world’s markets, or is it a chance for McAfee to promote his products on Chinese social media?

What Did McAfee Say?

In a Sunday tweet, John McAfee wrote:

Mia Tam, @_blockandchain_, is handling my Weibo account in China. We have huge support among the Chinese rank and file. Please help by supporting Mia. Please follow her.

He also linked to an article that called him a “crypto soldier.”

Before that, he tweeted on Aug 24:

I am joining China’s version of Twitter @SinaWeiboI and look forward to making Chinese friends. This would not be possible without @_blockandchain_ and colleagues. Thank you Mia!

Why Did He Choose Weibo?
Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China, as is Google, so reaching the Chinese market via these platforms is impossible. Joining Weibo will allow McAfee to connect with investors and other crypto enthusiasts in the region, but McAfee must be careful. The Chinese government is generally against content related to cryptocurrencies — a subject he can’t help but talk about.

Last week, the Chinese authorities shut down WeChat accounts of several prominent blockchain news providers, signaling their intent to clamp down on anything associated with cryptocurrencies. Some of the platforms, including Huobi News, are well funded and a have a large following outside of Weibo so the ban is not a major problem.

If McAfee continues to promote crypto on Weibo, as he does on Twitter, he may also become the target of Chinese authorities. But, having said that, it may also grow the Chinese appetite for crypto, and hopefully, in turn, spark a shift in the tide against all things blockchain by the government. Although, that’s hopeful to say the least.

For now, we’ll be watching this development closely.