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Press Release: Tuesday, 5 January 2021, 10:45 CAT | Source: iCE3

On 4 January 2021 the iCE3 Exchange will share trading fees with liquidity providers and market makers, called Rebate Rewards. The rebate is rewarded instantly. When a trader places a maker limit order on the exchange, they will receive 25% to 50% of the taker fee paid by the trader who fills the open order.

Gareth Grobler, the iCE3 founder says “Our users have requested the rebate offering and we are over the moon to help them make more from their trades.” He continued, “At iCE3 we consistently deliver new services and features to our existing and new users.”

Eugéne Etsebeth, the iCE3 Exchange COO said: “Rebate Rewards are designed to attract traders that bring liquidity to the platform. By sharing the trading commission with market makers, we improve the liquidity on the platform and ultimately users benefit from tighter spreads and less risk of slippage.”

The objective of iCE3 Exchange is to offer clients the best service to buy and sell (trade) cryptocurrencies and fiat pairs on a trusted exchange by integrating with numerous business partners including a cryptocurrency exchange platform provider, financial institutions, merchant services, wallets, custodial services, insurance and scratch cards in order to build an ecosystem around the iCE3 platform.

For more details go here Rebate Rewards.

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