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Want to buy or sell cryptocurrency, and you do not know how to check the rates? Well, checking daily rates from any exchange is very important.  In this article, you will know all the details of how to check the live cryptocurrency rates. 

So, when looking to make a Crypto buy or sell in the Crypto Market, just choose the coin pair you want to use, such as Bitcoin/USDT rope, then click on the chart, and it opens for you. On a Centralized Exchange, charts that cover the timeframe from one second to one month are possible.

Some charts are user-friendly and, hence, easy to interpret, while others with shorter cycles could require expertise. This implies that it could be difficult to interpret and understand them. As a result, inexperienced users may need help with trading. Generally, day traders monitor the price charts in real-time before participating in trades. Let’s explore the live rates at MCX more. MCX is a well-reputed OTC exchange with importance, benefits, and easy steps to check live rates.

Importance of Checking Live Cryptocurrency Prices

Real-time price checking is very important in trading and exchanging Cryptocurrency. Let us discuss how crypto-currency prices are important by looking at live rates.

Cryptocurrency values are highly volatile with high fluctuations. For instance, let Bitcoin be an example. It may have a price of about morning based on your local time. Still, it can quickly experience a volatility of 2% by noon. Because of the high volatility, anybody must check the Crypto movement graph before putting their trade orders in.

Instant and on-time cryptocurrency price monitoring is crucial for traders as the Crypto Market is perpetual. It runs 24/7, annually, for 365 days. The graphs fluctuate between good or bad news from anywhere worldwide, which may have a serious significance.

Check Live Exchange Rates From MCX

The following discussion mainly aims at price monitoring in the Crypto Market for stablecoin and Bitcoins pairs. What if you are living in Dubai? This is where MCX is useful. Our platform allows us to implement the following exchanges: Bitcoin, Altcoins, Stablecoins, and AED. MCX trades with 500+ cryptocurrencies. 

MCX platform is simple and enables users to check the live prices at the click of a button. Our simple interface solves the inconvenience of trading Crypto on Centralized Exchanges at unfavorable exchange rates. In what comes next, you will know everything about MCX and how to use it so step by step. MCX allows you to buy and sell crypto for competitive rates. Beginners can start simple, secure, and reliable trading right here!

Introduction To MCX

MCX crypto exchange in Dubai, is not only the marketplace for digital currency trading; we are also the industry leader in offering OTC services. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best rates and first-class customer service.

MCX aims to give people secure, transparent, and user-friendly digital currency trading services. We offer services through which new standards of digital finance are set. Our priorities are to provide the best competitive rates for the clients’ transactions to run smoothly. A team of digital currency enthusiasts supports our platform. It is ready to help regardless of whether you are new to this world or have experience. 

MCX avoids the hassle of transferring the coins.MCX avoids the hassle of transferring the coins. We ensure you don’t incur unnecessary exchange rate fees and trustless trading processes. Trading through us assures you of dealing with someone you know and direction that your funds or Crypto are assigned to you immediately. One can trade above 500 cryptocurrencies. Our OTC exchange claims to let you confidently explore the crypto world. 

Benefits Of Using MCX For Live Price Updates

MCX deals in many wallets, so you don’t need to change your wallet while making transactions. You can send the Crypto to our wallet and get AED in cash easily or via bank transfer. Also, it is just as simple as that if you want to buy Crypto with physical cash or through a bank transaction using your AED.

The MCX website allows the live rates of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which are updated constantly and let you buy or sell crypto at the most favorable prices.

Another benefit of using the MCX exchange is that our platform will give you all the details of cryptocurrencies, portfolio diversity, and factual coin research. We are here to convert your cryptocurrencies as seamlessly as possible. Our services let you transform your digital assets into traditional currency effortlessly. Our updated live rates help you analyze the exchange rate before choosing a suitable trading pair. We offer up-to-the-minute exchange rates to guarantee you the best deal possible.

Step-By-Step Guide To Checking Live Prices On MCX

We’ll start by showing the easy and understandable steps for checking the current exchange rates while transferring digital money on MCX.

Visit MCX Website

First off, the users should go to the MCX website. On the headline page, ‘OTC DEX’ at the top bars is to be selected. Immediately, all altcoins are listed with the updated rates. Another option is to go to this page by clicking the Buy Bitcoin or Sell Bitcoin button on the headline page.

Select The Desired Cryptocurrency

The further step is relatively easy as you need to select a preferred crypto. You can do this by typing in the token name in the search and calculate feature. For example, “ETC’” is for Ethereum Classic, “ALT” is for Altcoin,“BTC” for Bitcoin, and “ADA’” is for Cardano.

Consider The Currency In Real-Time.

Now, let’s assume you are ‘BTC’ searching for Bitcoin. Lastly, in the text box, just write how many tokens you want to buy or sell, either as a whole or as a fraction. Entering the order quantity in the field below, you’ll immediately see its result displayed right underneath the search bar. Now, see that you select either ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ based on your choice. Please know that the buying rates always differ from the selling rates.


The live market prices for buying and selling digital currencies are the foremost requirement since the crypto market is highly volatile. Crypto price charts are already available at MCX. The majority of them are paired with stablecoins, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. 

The prices of different cryptocurrencies often rise or fall by 2% to 5% daily. Gaining in digital currencies requires all of us to regularly check the current price movements and the latest trends around the world. As a crypto enthusiast, you need to keep the information up to date to generate profits and avoid loss.

MCX speeds up the crypto price assessment for the Dubai residents to find out right away the crypto value in AED. The website provides a simple way of following the procedures step by step. MCX provides the updated rates of all cryptocurrencies. Customers can go through the website to contact us, book an appointment, visit the office, and perform crypto buying and selling in the simplest way possible via bank transfers or cash transactions, in minutes.

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