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Press Release: Thursday, May 19 2022, 13:00 CAT | Source: Gender Unicorn

Gender Unicorns, the world’s first gender-diverse NFT card game, just released its gameplay video.

The video accumulated more than 130 thousand impressions and thousands of engagements, despite the drastic reduction of overall interest in NFTs due to falling cryptocurrency prices.

Over the weekend, more than 1,000 people joined the Gender Unicorns Discord server to learn more about the social project.

Gender Unicorns Card Game

The game will feature 20+ gender identities, 470+ hand-drawn designs, 20 gender alliances, NFT lending, and in-game currencies.

The project hosts public and private gender channels on its servers to support a vibrant, diverse community and allow meaningful interactions.

Each member is encouraged to share their story and support each other on the project’s servers. The servers will also host free presentations and open discussions about diversity, equality, and mental health.

Gender Unicorns aim to normalize the existence of a diverse genderverse and help fight bias and prejudice with the power of knowledge and friendship. The community will be able to vote and determine the project’s development, moderators, events, and charities.

Features & Impact Plan

Gender Unicorns will use 16 impact zones to promote diversity & equality:

1. NFT cards with 20+ unique gender identities and educational info embed in their metadata and game interface
2. 20+ gender in-game alliances designed to support cooperation, education, and collaboration through game quests
3. In-game rewards system to support alliance members who are providing value to the entire community
4. Voting powers to all community members, who will decide their moderators, speakers, representatives, events, and charities
5. Community monthly awards for the most engaged, helpful, and influential members
6. 20+ gender Discord server channels serving as a safe space for meaningful communication
7. A Gender Wikipedia which gets updated based on the content shared by the community
8. Dedicated gender blog on the official website discussing issues of gender equality and diversity
9. Dedicated gender forums on the official website, open to everyone
10. Directory of approved partners, sponsors, and supporters of diversity & equality
11. Directory of approved charities supporting gender diversity & equality
12. Interactive presentations by educators and public speakers on all diversity-related topics
13. Open discussions with a focus on gender expression, gender identity, and mental health
14. Community-voted and driven charity events related to gender diversity and equality
15. Community exhibitions sharing the creative work of our diverse community
16. Community competitions and awards, honoring the most impactful members of the community exhibitions

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