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One of the most serious issues with the New York City food scene is the lack of a good source of NFT food. However, businessman Gary Vaynerchuk’s new venture is actually trying to make a difference.

Flyfish Club has announced that it will open its “first NFT restaurant” in Manhattan in the spring of next year. What is the procedure? To take advantage of its “globally inspired” seafood menu and an additional, more exclusive token that can get you access to the exclusive Omakase Room, you must be a member of the Flyfish digital token.

Flyfish will sell 1,501 tokens to raise approximately $15,000 for their project in March.

The NFTs were initially priced at 2.5 ETH each, which equated to about $8,300. However, in the second market, they are currently trading at a minimum of 6.63 Ethereum ($22,000).

An NFT restaurant may appear amusing. However, it makes sense if you think of it as a social club, like Soho House. Flyfish believes that customers will use its tokens to demonstrate their social status in the same way that a high-end automobile or watch would. If it is even marginally successful, the next wave of NFT establishments will follow.

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