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El Salvador plans to host an international bitcoin event on Monday, with 44 central banks and key financial institutions invited, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced in a tweet Sunday evening.

Official representatives from these countries are expected to discuss El Salvador’s bitcoin adoption and its benefits in three key areas: financial inclusion, the digital economy, and banking for the unbanked.

The event will be attended by central banks and financial institutions from Egypt, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sao Tome, Pakistan, Nepal, Kenya, Paraguay, Angola, Ghana, Namibia, Uganda, Guinea, Madagascar, Haiti, Burundi, Eswatini, Jordan, Gambia, Maldives, Rwanda, Costa Rica, and El Salvador, among others, according to Bukele’s follow-up tweet.

Given the critical views of central banks and international financial organizations, Bukele’s decision to host an international bitcoin conference with government representatives from nearly 50 countries is important, After buying the dip and adding 500 BTCs to the state coffer.

Bukele announced his country’s plans to make bitcoin legal tender at the Miami Bitcoin 2021 conference. This year, he was supposed to present a progress report on the legalization of Bitcoin and El Salvador’s $1 billion bitcoin bond.

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