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Press Release: Monday, January 18 2021, 13:30 CAT | Source: Bitcoin Events

Blockchain Africa Conference 2021: Beyond the Hype, Goes Online

Blockchain Africa Conference 2021 organisers, Bitcoin Events, have announced that due to the global coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on travel and the uncertainty of the current environment, the 7th annual conference, will be hosted online this year.

The event comes as collective sentiment about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continues to rise, along with meaningful implementations of the technology in both the public and private sectors. The industry seems to be moving towards a more mature phase, less susceptible to hype and speculation.

Blockchain technology is rapidly maturing as companies look to leverage its power to develop and implement robust, enterprise-ready solutions. The conference will explore this ongoing evolution and take a deep dive into the factors pushing blockchain and cryptocurrencies from hype to mainstream adoption.

Blockchain has massive potential to address many of the existing challenges with transactions and doing business in Africa. Bitcoin ownership, usage and volume of trades in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has seen a massive surge in Africa, with Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya leading the pack.

Africa looks set to witness even more explosive growth in use and adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2021 and beyond.

An impressive list of speakers include:

Yele Bademosi – CEO at Bundle Africa and Founding Partner at Microtraction

Peter McCormack – Host of What Bitcoin Did podcast, Defiance podcast and Defiance TV

Henri Arslanian – Global Crypto Leader at PwC

Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco – Founder, CEO and Investor at Global Policy House, Senior Advisor to Government of Bermuda, African Union, British Blockchain and Fintech4Good Lead for Africa

Dan Held – Growth lead at Kraken

Nathaniel Luz – Lead at Dash Nigeria

Marvin Coleby – Co-founder and CEO of Raise and Co-Trustee at the African Digital Asset Foundation

Brandon Topham – Divisional Executive for Investigations and Enforcement at the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)

Roselyne Wanjiru – Director of Growth and User Acquisitions at Pesabase

Buchi Okoro – Co-founder and CEO of Quidax

Richard Ells – CEO and Founder of Electroneum and Anytask

Yael Tamar – CMO and Co-founder of SolidBlock

Sam Bankman-Fried – CEO and Founder at FTX

Well-known South African entrepreneur and venture capitalist, John Lombela, will lead the proceedings as the Master of Ceremonies.

Topics include:

  • The latest global crypto institutional trends: how much institutional money is going into cryptocurrencies and why now?
  • What is required for cryptocurrencies to go mainstream in Africa and what is the future of crypto adoption in Africa?
  • Is cryptocurrency and blockchain based payment solutions making an impact in cross-border payments in Africa and globally?
  • Decentralised finance (DeFi): what are the opportunities and issues and will it end badly?
  • What impact is stable coins having in the global import and export market?
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) – is this the future for central banks?
  • Regulation and compliance – what type of regulation are we seeing global and what are the challenges and focus areas for regulated entities?

In addition to global experts, the conference will feature the usual opportunities to visit vendor exhibitions and connect with professionals across several industries. Blockchain Africa Conference 2021 will provide an opportunity for thought-leaders and pioneers in the industry to learn, network and collaborate and gain insight into cryptocurrencies and blockchain’s utility and expectations for the future.

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