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The co-founder of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, predicts significant fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market in the latter half of April, influenced by the impending Bitcoin halving event and strategic financial maneuvers by the United States Federal Reserve and the Department of the Treasury. In a detailed analysis shared on April 8, Hayes suggested that while the Bitcoin halving is generally anticipated to bolster prices in the medium term, the immediate effects surrounding the event could potentially depress the market.

Hayes elaborated on the commonly held belief that the Bitcoin halving will positively impact crypto prices, cautioning that when a market consensus forms around a particular outcome, the reality often unfolds contrary to expectations. This stance is rooted in his observation of the current tight dollar liquidity conditions and the intricate dynamics between the Federal Reserve and Treasury policies and their market implications.

Expressing a bearish outlook, Hayes envisages a downturn in crypto asset prices around the time of the Bitcoin halving, attributing this expected decline to the added pressure from the Federal Reserve’s and Treasury’s fiscal strategies, which he metaphorically describes as a “bag of tricks.” Despite his pessimistic forecast, Hayes humorously acknowledges the potential for the market to rally, expressing his perennial optimism towards the crypto sector.

Highlighting the challenges posed by the second half of April for risk-prone assets, Hayes points to factors such as U.S. tax payments drawing liquidity from the market, the initiation of quantitative tightening by the Fed, and the yet-to-be-tapped reserves in the Treasury’s general account. Post the Federal Reserve’s meeting on May 1, Hayes anticipates a slowdown in the pace of monetary tightening and expects a significant liquidity boost from the Treasury, potentially invigorating the markets.

Given the complex interplay of these factors and their potential impact on the crypto market, Hayes has chosen to abstain from trading activities until May, adopting a cautious stance. Despite the current market optimism, as evidenced by the Crypto Fear and Greed Index lingering in the “Greed” zone, Hayes prefers to err on the side of caution, prioritizing capital preservation over immediate gains in a volatile environment.

As Bitcoin continues to exhibit strength with a substantial year-to-date increase, the market’s sentiment remains buoyant. However, Hayes’ insights underscore the importance of vigilance and strategic patience in navigating the unpredictable crypto landscape.

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