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Artis Turba, an intuitive cryptocurrency exchange based in South Africa, has launched its own token, called ARTIS, on the Ethereum blockchain.
ARTIS, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges and provides specific utility. This utility is known as the Artis Affiliate Reward Program, or AARP for short,
which entitles ARTIS holders to a pro-rata share of 50% of the trading fee revenue generated on Artis Turba.
To enable AARP, all you need to do is own and hold ARTIS in your Artis Turba account. The
earnings are automatically credited to your account daily based on the last 24-hours’ trading volume.
“We found that the best way to learn about crypto-assets was by interacting with them, therefore we share trading fees with our community, thereby increasing exposure to the differing crypto-assets. Through this we seek to drive and realise the promise of this exciting new technology called blockchain – at improving people’s lives on a daily basis.”