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The team from South Africa Crypto exchange, AltcoinTrader, today announced that they would be launching NEO & GAS pairs to their exchange on the 10th of September.

NEO is the 14th biggest coin in terms of Market capitalization and uses GAS to process the transactions on the NEO blockchain. It can also be used as an independent coin to trade and exchange, but still processes their transactions on the NEO blockchain.

GAS coins are rewarded to NEO holders for “hodling” NEO coins in their wallets, however AltcoinTrader, will not be offering GAS as a reward on their exchange. They are encouraging users to withdraw their NEO after purchase and transfer to an offline wallet, saying they would prefer users to not hold coins on their exchange. Personally I think this is a rather strange request, as some of the larger exchanges like Binance offer monthly GAS rewards for holding NEO on the exchange. Perhaps over time, they will offer the rewards to exchange users.

ZAR deposits are now open for GAS & NEO and you can start trading NEO & GAS on the 10th of September.

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