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Africans are ready for bitcoin and have a lot to gain from using cryptocurrency as a means of money exchange. The seamless use of transacting with Bitcoin brings value and a fast payment process.

Many are aware of the fact that corrupt “leaders” do not support the path of the first country that adopted Bitcoin as a means of legal tender “, El Salvador.”

Bitcoiners across Africa are actively participating in this peaceful revolution of monetary exchange.

African co-founder of Ejara Nelly Chatue Diop is a source of inspiration for the world-class company she’s creating while encouraging women and girls across Africa to be the best they can be in the new sector.

The new infrastructure allows talented African musicians, content creators, musicians, and freelancers to eliminate intermediaries who typically receive a significant portion of their earnings.

Fast Payments through social networks like Twitter allow people to actively build their networks and get paid in exchange for what they bring out there to the world.

Like ex- Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey working full time on Bitcoin at Spiral, the most brilliant minds are sure to provide Africans new ways of gaining access to the international markets they’ve traditionally been excluded from.

Initiatives of Africans to Africans like Bitcoin Developers Academy, founded by Fode Diop, aim to impart young African people the necessary skills needed to get started working on Bitcoin.

The new norm has resulted in African youngsters, and younger adults shifting into remote working as work opportunities in Africa are scarce, particularly for the most significant population segment. “Number increase” Technology has made people aware of the potential to get maximum value out of their time and efforts through the most secure form of currency on Earth, bitcoin.

Africans working remotely today can be paid instantly without worrying about the massive fees charged from the Western Union, the inconveniences of using PayPal when they choose to stop access to funds, or the countless days that banks need to process wire transfers, which incur high costs.

Africans living in the diaspora have the option of sending money to their family and friends with ease, At a lower cost and efficiency, just like the numerous voice or video calls, they make with them via WhatsApp, Signal or Zoom. Being paid with bitcoin could eventually enable Africans to save even more.

The world transforms into one big village because of the transfer of value throughout space in a rapid manner.

The bitcoin revolution is upon Africa, and 2022 will be full of cryptocurrency activities and regulations from different countries.

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