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We live in an ever-changing world where things are going digital—which means that it’s no longer necessary to hang a painting or a print on the wall. And while many believe that digital works don’t offer the same look and feel of a physical art, our guide may change your mind. Here, we’ll look at some of the best ways to display NFTs and other forms of digital art.

Online Galleries

There have been numerous advances in the digital art world, but the rise of NFTs is one of the most important. NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that can’t be replicated and represent physical items, in this case, original digital artworks.

When a person owns an NFT, they own the original copy. An online gallery, like those used by Mark Cuban and other public figures, is an excellent way to showcase the NFTs you’ve bought. For an artist who decides to build an avatar, it’s a great way to spread the word and potentially make some sales.

Recycle an Old Device

Some NFT holders simply want to enjoy their collections without sharing them with the public. Rather than splashing out on a pricey digital frame, simply upcycle an old tablet or laptop. NFT owners have found several creative ways to mount their old devices, with tablets being the easier option. After installing a photo presentation app, use a wall mount or a tabletop easel to keep the device near a power source.

Use a TV Screen Saver

Why clear a space on the wall if there’s already a TV there? Today’s smart televisions typically include USB ports, which makes it easy to display art from your storage devices. Upload NFT art to a thumb drive, or, if your TV has the capability, to the set’s internal storage. Most TVs have a screen saver setting. When you’re not flipping through the channels or binging the latest Hulu series, use your smart TV to enliven the room with your NFTs.

Change Your Phone Wallpaper

Just because you’re buying NFT art doesn’t mean it has to be put on display. On the Android platform, apps like Wallpapers by Google will automatically update the images displayed on home and lock screens. Apple users get fewer customization options, but there’s a Shortcuts workaround that allows for easier wallpaper changes. By using it as phone wallpaper, you can enjoy it at any time of the day or night.

Build an E-Ink Frame

If you’re a techie and a DIY-er, put those skills to use by building a digital frame. Start with a Raspberry Pi, which is a cheap, low-powered computer. Alternatively, OpenFrame allows users to share their art at no charge.

Create an Exhibit in the Metaverse

Let’s say you spend a lot of time in Minecraft, Second Life, or another digital world. As you’re enjoying the fun, consider displaying your NFT art to online friends. Second Life got it all started with its Vordun Museum and Gallery, which brings creators and owners together.

Put it on the (Smart) Fridge

It’s odd to think that even our kitchen appliances are connected to the internet these days, but it’s true. Today’s smart refrigerators are starting to look less like iceboxes and more like fancy televisions. For instance, Samsung’s Family Hub allows users to add videos and photos (including NFTs) and set them as wallpapers. It’s the modern version of yesteryear’s fridge magnets!

Print to Metal, Wood, Glass, or Canvas

Maybe you’re getting into NFT art but want to display it the old-fashioned way. Thankfully, it’s easy to mix new methods of distribution with old ways of creation. Numerous online vendors offer high-quality prints on wood, glass, canvas, metal, and other media. While it doesn’t offer the convenience of an automatic, instant swap, it does offer more opportunities to tell the artwork’s story.

Share Your NFT Art With the World—Or Keep it to Yourself

Like other aspects of life, the art world is changing every day. NFT art is just the latest way to combine the security and simplicity of the blockchain with the tangible reality in which we all live. With these methods, anyone can easily share and display the art they’ve bought and created.

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