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20k Users, More DeFi Listings, More Partnerships. What’s Next For ChainEX?

Press Release: Friday, February 19 2021, 08:30 CAT | Source: ChainEX From 10 000 users on 28 October, 2020 to 20 000 users on 12...

South African Digital Asset Exchange gives away 100 BTCV & lists 4 new coins....

Press Release: Thursday, January 26 2021, 16:00 CAT | Source: ChainEX ChainEX is currently the only South African exchange to list BTCV, YFI, SUSHI &...

South African Digital Asset Exchange Partners With Leading Global Crypto Exchange OKEx

Press Release: Tuesday, July 07 2020, 09:30 CAT | Source: ChainEX OKEx is a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, providing advanced financial services to traders globally...

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